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See my current country count on my instagram or facebook profile. I count the 193 UN countries + Taiwan/Kosovo and plan to visit all before 2025.


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Erik was born in 1968; raised in Sdr. Omme and in Thy, Denmark together with my 3 brothers and sisters. Spend much of his youth playing Adventures (Infocom!), working as a lifeguard and reading books. In 1987 he moved to Århus to study computer science, and finished this in 1994. Since then he has been working for a small computer company (Trapeze Group Europe) as a system developer - now as development manager.
Birgitte is from near Hobro (Valsgård), and has studied History and History of Art in Odense and Århus, and is now working at a local archive in southern Jutland. We married 6.March 1999. We are now living in Aarhus, Jylland. 7.February 2004 our son, Anders, was born and 16. August 2005 Johanne followed.

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