Cave adventures in Brazil

This is a true story from a place called Gruta do Maquiné; 3 hours drive from Belo Horizonte (a 3+ million city in Minas Gerais) in Brazil. The place is a collection of some caves, discovered by a Dane - Peter Wilhelm Lund in 1834. The booklet given to you states that it is nothing less than the most beautiful cave in the world! This day I had alone taken a bus from Belo Horizonte to visit these caves. Today it was visited only by me and a school-class of children with teachers. They had entered a few minutes earlier than me, but I just walked by myself since I couldn't understand any of the Portuguese anyway. You enter the caves which are 5-8 meters tall and twice as wide. Imagine that these caves are filled with temples from southern India decorated with gods all over, coloured in brown, green, white and red. The figures are made in wax, and now we raise the temperatures and everything starts to melt. The roof melts too. Now we freeze the picture, and this is what it looks like in here. The rocks looks like melted faces and the roof is filled with millions of small stalactites protruding; the rooms are lit by what looks like small fires, and you hear a low hum from the lights and the dripping from the roof. There are 7 chambers which are connected by small passageways and you crawl up and down to get around. You can go about 450 meters into the caves. Add a few bats to complete the picture.

It is quite cosy, and I enjoy it all. I meet the school class a couple of times, but when they are one room further in, I can't hear them at all - though they are quite noisy. After 1 1/2 hours I think that it is about time to turn back - I'm at the furthest point, and I have hardly thought the thought that hopefully they don't turn out the light - when they turn out th