Bolivia Journal 2000 - with a bite of Peru

This is a few pictures from our travel to Bolivia and Peru in August/September 2000. A more detailed journal will follow at some time. For now enjoy the pictures.

-- Birgitte & Erik

OK this Chili is not from the journey, but we had to strip it of all the chilies before going away, and I was so fond of it...

First we landed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia - in the 'low-lands' at 500 meters. Here we visited Erik's friends from his last visit here in '97. From left to right: Eli, Birgitte, Claudio and Sido.

Why don't TeleDanmark make such telephone booths???

Sucre (2790 Meters); enjoying the Grand Hotel (100 DKR/night) - there is a sign saying: 'Che Guvara' slept here...

Sucre is a beautiful colonial town; most of it is painted white and many beautiful churches are found here.

And the dinosaur footprints at the cement factory were found just 5 years ago. They even have T-Rex footprints there. Those on the picture are from two dinosaurs. They are leading up, because of teutonic uplifting of solidified clay.

Now we are on a 3 day jeep tour in the remote south western Bolivia. We are in altitudes between 4 and 5 kilometers. This is an old spanish cemetery a few hours south of Uyuni.

And who would think of thousands of flamingos in 4500 meters... This is the Laguna Colorado - and it is not just the sun making it red on the pictures; it was VERY red indeed.

So at this time the electronics of my camera could not stand the cold (probably -20 in the morning), so I'll hopefully get a few pictures later from the other travelers on this trip.

Girl from San Juan.

We were lucky to be able to borrow an aps camera from Karen who had a spare. This day we traveled through the salt desert of Uyuni.

Left to right: Erik, Birgitte, Pablo, Karen, Ariel and our driver Juan(ito).

Llamas near volcan Tunupa. Salt desert in the background.

Salt Desert Goblin

Travelers studying South American Handbook in cozy (I learned from Karen that cozy is word to be avoided in the English language - but it was almost a cozy place - notice the oven at the back).

OK, another big jump. Through La Paz (Erik recovering from altitude sickness), Puno (Peru) where we bought the cheapest camera we could find for 30$ - it was stolen the same evening. So we came to Cuzco and decided to buy a onetime camera. So the last pictures here are the results from this:

All remaining Inca things are concentrated around Cuzco - the pictures is from the Sacred valley where many important ruins are found.

The Incas were famous for there perfect stone work. This ruin is situated high above the Sacred Valley.

Machu Picchu was very different from what I had expected. Very hard to get to (5 hours out with local train, and back in Cuzco at 01:00 am after 6 hours on the train in the evening). The valley below is very low (2000 meters) and the vegetation is much more lush than in Cuzco which is in 3500 meters. The picture below is always what you see, so I had never thought about Machu Picchu being on top of a mountain ridge. The above picture is from the bus going up to the ruins. Wow, is it not beautiful! We were positively surprised about the place (except how expensive it is to get there).

The classic picture. Try to imagine that there is 800 meters to each side of the ruins.

After er along journey to Santa Cruz in Bolivia, we had just one more place to visit: San Juan, one of the Jesuit mission churches in eastern Bolivia, towards Brazil. The church was very beautiful; the town so-and-so. The church is at the square. There are 5 restaurants. All serving one dish: Fried chicken. (so that is what we had...)

So after a month of traveling, we ended our journey in mid september 2000.

Birgitte & Erik


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