Pictures from Sri Lanka!

- from site in Denmark -

Following are some pictures from my Travels to Sri Lanka in 1993; the days are referring to those specified in my travelogue - see link on Home Page!
Day 3: family.jpg
- A 'family' picture! Me to the left - I'm only 168cm

Day 5: Pinnewala.jpg
- the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnewala on the road to Kandy.

Day 7: NuwaraEliya.jpg
- left to right: Nihal, Silva and our Driver. Taken at the top of the waterfall we climbed. Nuwara Eliya is behind and below us.

Day 14: Kasyapa_palace.jpg
- Me overlooking the jungle from king Kasyapa's throne; just like he did 1500 years ago...

Day 15: trinco2.jpg
- the whole town down to watch the sunset at Trincomalee beach.

Day 17: mutur.jpg
- The fishing village, Mutur, south of Trincomalee.

Day 21: guardstone.jpg
- The Ratnaprasada guardstone from Anuradhapura.

Day 25: galle.jpg
- a picture of the smaller entrance to the Pourtoguise Fort.

Day 26: iguana.jpg
- a 170cm long iguana (Water Monitor) entering somebody's garden.